About the Foundation

清真推廣基金會(Dawah Halal Foundation, 簡稱DHF)於2018年9月成立,本基金會可以申請印尼官方BPJPH清真認證局之清真驗證作業,本基金會可執行馬來西亞JAKIM官方發證申請作業,我們致力於提供台灣業者一個資訊透明的平台,使廠商有便捷可靠的第一手資訊。我們希望以用合理的價格,提供客戶國際官方認可的清真認證書,使客戶的產品能順利打入東南亞的清真食品市場。我們期待透過自身競爭力的提升,協助客戶獲得最新的產業新息,幫助客戶提升產品服務品質,橫跨貿易障礙,順利打入國際市場!

清真推廣基金會積極參與國際清真組織與相關活動,並與國際清真驗證單位相互承認,所發的證書可通行於歐美、中東等地區。目前清真推廣基金會與莎士堡國際標準驗證有限公司共同執行業務,在清真產業上多有著墨。我們有專為清真認證設立的實驗室,負責清真產品的原物料檢測,並提供業主清真測試報告,幫助業者在填寫關鍵原物料申請表時,有相關科學依據佐證。另外,本基金會在印尼也培訓了清真稽核員,並且深知清真認證品質保證系統(Halal Assurance System,簡稱HAS)相關的內部培訓與輔導。關於國際標準方面,本基金會目前提供印尼政府於2014年頒佈之《清真產品認證法》法規翻譯全文與馬來西亞MS1500清真產品標準販售,廠商可依其需要自行選購。本基金會不定期會舉辦國際清真講座、清真輔導課程以及相關培訓,歡迎各位業者留意與參加!

做為台灣清真認證產業的一員,我們希望能給客戶更為完善的服務體驗,不僅僅是測試清真產品、輔導清真生產線與管理人員、建立清真品質保證系統、取得官方清真認證,我們還希望能幫助客戶順利打入清真市場,得以將產品順利的賣出去! 因此,本基金會另外提供印尼BPOM(Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan,印尼進口產品須經由印尼食品藥物管理局認證,始可進口)認證諮詢與外國食品註冊號(ML)諮詢服務。


The Dawah Halal Foundation (DHF for short) was established in September 2018. The foundation can apply for the halal verification operation of the official Indonesian BPJPH Halal Certification Bureau. The foundation can perform the official JAKIM certification application operation in Malaysia. We are committed to In order to provide a transparent information platform for Taiwanese manufacturers, manufacturers have convenient and reliable first-hand information. We hope to provide customers with halal certificates officially recognized internationally at reasonable prices, so that customers' products can smoothly enter the halal food market in Southeast Asia. We look forward to helping customers to obtain the latest industry news through the improvement of our own competitiveness, to help customers improve the quality of products and services, to overcome trade barriers, and to successfully enter the international market!

The Halal Promotion Foundation actively participates in international halal organizations and related activities, and recognizes each other with international halal verification agencies. The certificates issued can be used in Europe, America, the Middle East and other regions. At present, the Halal Promotion Foundation and Shakesburgh International Standard Certification Co., Ltd. jointly carry out business, and have a lot of ink in the halal industry. We have a laboratory specially set up for halal certification, responsible for the raw material testing of halal products, and provide owners with halal test reports to help them fill in the application form for key raw materials with relevant scientific evidence. In addition, the Foundation has also trained halal auditors in Indonesia, and is well aware of the internal training and coaching related to the Halal Assurance System (HAS). Regarding international standards, the Foundation currently provides the full translation of the "Halal Product Certification Law" promulgated by the Indonesian government in 2014 and the Malaysian MS1500 Halal product standard for sale. Manufacturers can purchase according to their needs. The Foundation will hold international halal lectures, halal counseling courses and related training from time to time. All industry players are welcome to pay attention and participate!

As a member of Taiwan's halal certification industry, we hope to provide customers with a more complete service experience, not only testing halal products, coaching halal production lines and management personnel, establishing a halal quality assurance system, and obtaining official halal certification, we also hope to be able to Help customers to enter the halal market smoothly and sell the products smoothly! Therefore, the foundation also provides Indonesian BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, Indonesian imported products must be certified by the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration before they can be imported) certification consultation Consulting services with foreign food registration numbers (ML).

In the future, the Halal Promotion Foundation will strive to expand the field of international halal exhibitions, assist halal-certified manufacturers to participate in overseas exhibitions, help Taiwanese products to be exported smoothly, and enter the international halal market!