Indonesia BPJPH Official Halal Certification

The Indonesian government established the official halal certification bureau BPJPH (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal, Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency), and officially brought the halal certification to the government on October 17, 2019, so currently in Indonesia, only Indonesian halal certification Bureau BPJPH is the only legal and official issuing authority. In the past, Indonesia's halal certification was managed through the civil and credible religious association LPPOM MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Indonesian Islamic Religious Scholars Council). , the Indonesian government officially enacted legislation to bring halal certification under the management of government units, and established the Indonesian Halal Certification Bureau BPJPH to be responsible for the certification work. During the transition period, the LPPOM MUI certificate is valid until the expiry date. Starting from October 1, 2019, Indonesia LPPOM MUI has lost the qualification to issue the certificate.

Under the Taiwan government's efforts to promote southward politics in recent years, many manufacturers are quite interested in the Indonesian halal market, but they do not know much about the new law. Here again, we remind manufacturers that the only thing that can be used in the Indonesian market is the official certificate issued by the Indonesian Halal Certification Bureau BPJPH.

Compared with the long-standing Malaysian JAKIM halal certification, the Indonesian BPJPH halal certification has not been implemented for a long time, but its influence should not be underestimated. As the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia has a population of 240 million Muslims. All related ingredients and food products need to be imported. In the next 20 years, the Indonesian middle class will increase significantly, and the demand for halal food will only increase. . It is worth noting that at present, if you want to enter the Indonesian halal market, you must have the Indonesian BPJPH halal certification mark, and the Malaysian JAKIM certification mark cannot be used in Indonesia. Our agency can assist in transferring from JAKIM certificate to BPJPH certification in Indonesia.

The Indonesian BPJPH halal certification is valid for four years, and requires manufacturers not only to comply with the Halal certification standards for product terminals, but also to import the halal quality assurance system (Halal Assurance System, HAS system) in the production process. In view of this, the foundation will not only conduct halal testing for end products, but also assist manufacturers to introduce the HAS 23000:1 supervision system, and implement halal from warehousing and purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and packaging, logistics, air transportation and other aspects. Certification specifications and requirements.

If the owner wants to know more about the relevant laws and regulations of BPJPH halal certification in Indonesia, the foundation also provides the Chinese and English translation versions of Law No. 33 of Indonesia's "Halal Product Certification Law", so that manufacturers can quickly understand the Indonesian halal certification system. In addition, the Foundation also provides information on BPOM certification of food and drugs in Indonesia to help owners understand the regulatory requirements of local imported products in Indonesia and successfully sell their products to Indonesia. The foundation will also hold halal counseling courses and training seminars from time to time throughout Taiwan, and all sectors are welcome to support!