Halal Product Testing

In the past, organizations that did halal certification would require manufacturers to provide a list of sources of raw materials, or conduct questionnaires to find out whether the sources of raw materials are halal and do not contain illegal substances stipulated by Islam. However, this approach still cannot accurately ensure that the raw materials used in the products do not contain illegal substances identified by Islamic law, such as pig DNA, etc. In view of this, Malaysia's JAKIM certification and Indonesia's BPJPH certification both require halal certification bodies to have laboratories, using scientific methods and accurate instruments to analyze the raw materials used in products, and detect whether each raw material used contains pigs. Only DNA, alcohol, etc.

In order to better serve the halal certified customers, the company has set up a "Halal Exclusive Laboratory" to conduct testing and analysis on the raw materials used in halal products. Therefore, manufacturers do not need to spend a lot of time listing the source of raw materials, or worry about the raw materials used. The material has not been tested how it should be. Leave it to Shakesburgh's professional halal laboratory, we will assist you to pass the first stage of the document review process when you analyze the halality of your raw materials!